Group and Private Yoga Classes 
Vinyasa Flow Classes                   Beginner Yoga Instruction                 Restorative Yoga
 Svaroopa® Yoga                      Prenatal Yoga                    Irest Yoga Nidra           
Pilates/and Core work                    Mindful Meditation               Workshops and Lectures

Therapeutic Licensed Massage Therapy
Thai Massage / Bodywork / Reiki/Pre-Natal
Lift Easton also provides excellent massage therapy. We specialize in customizing a variety of body/work modalities to
 best suit your needs. Being trained both in Yoga and Massage  we welcome you with a range of knowledge, personal instruction 
and coaching ideas to improve your goals toward de-stressing, deepening your relaxation skills and reducing chronic pain. Massage.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
Intentional  Movement 
Intentional  Stillness
Intentional Well Being
Gift Certificates available in Studio
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“Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy.” - BKS Iyengar

Come Help us Shine
Lift Easton will promote Artist, Writers, Events and Teacher Trainings

At Lift Easton, we understand and believe that for every person, and for all stages in a person’s life, there is a style of yoga that works best for you. Our warm staff and beautiful studio provide a supportive, encouraging and relaxing sanctuary and environment that makes it easy to start your yoga practice with us - or deepen an existing one. Experience the empowering effects of yoga, conscious movement, and meditation.

Begin your yoga journey at Lift Easton.

Let us introduce the leading edge to getting in shape fast, losing weight and taking your yoga to a new level.

DKN Whole Body Vibration Training. Two thirty minute private sessions are the equivalent to 4 hours at the gym. April is a time to find a buddy and get semi private sessions for the same price. You’ll see how it works when you sign up for a free consultation.

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